Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Best Deal of All Time

I like bad guild names and good deals. Luckily for me I came across both today:

He sold me the Eternal Life for 10g each; at least 5g under market price! Went along nicely with my existing stock of Snowfalls to produce a bunch of Darkmoon Cards. Unfortunately I didn't get as much or as varied Nobles Cards, but that's the sort of gamble you have to take with them.

Of course another route I could've taken is to sell off creation of DMCs themselves. The customer would pay 100g or so for each, and if they are lucky then they get a minimum of 300% return in the form of a Nobles card. If they are unlucky then you still get the 100g. Win-win for the scribe. I've never had the chance to try it out, however.

My current stock of DMF cards. I didn't particularly like them as a source of income since it was pretty luck based and you would only see return on it around one week every month. However since I have so much supply I decided to get rid of it through this method.

Blizzard also hotfixed Abyssal Shatter today. I didn't manage to get much from the auction house, obviously someone was quicker to the draw of grabbing the sub 40g shards. However a quick ply in trade and I was able to grab a stack to test with.

A promising yield. Seems like prices of Dust and Essence will drop slightly over the next few days and Abyssals will rise to compensate.

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