Wednesday, 23 September 2009

PDP Part 1

Well, I woke up to see most of my auctions were undercut - not a problem with QuickAuction2's feature of automatic cancelling of undercut auctions. I haven't sold as many glyphs as I anticipated, although I managed to get rid of some triumph badges and sold a Crusader Orb for 1.3k. The glyph market has changed slightly, nothing worrying since my death knight glyphs were still up at the top and lowest price, which was the primary market I was going for.

Did Onyxia10 on my druid, seemed as simple a fight as it used to be. The Deep Breath mechanic has been streamlined, with a new large add accompanying the whelps in stage 2 as a way of putting pressure into groups killing her fast. Casters have a greater role in the fight as a whole, which is not a problem when you're one of the best shadowpriests in the realm. For a single boss, three items plus a head on the loot table makes it out to be really generous. I don't see many guilds running this for months on end.

I will probably make another update tonight to see my total PDP

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