Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tools of the Trade

Aside from Auctioneer, QuickAuctions2 is pretty much the tool for a scribe. It's not so much a limb, rather a bike or a car. I've annotated the above screenshot to briefly show you the logistics of how it works, should be fairly simple - if you use it you don't even need my convincing of how awesome it is.

This is a 'cancel-all' macro I found online somewhere. When I originally found it it was for all glyphs. I can modify it to cancel specific glyphs - here I've used it to reset the market for Glyph of Volley, in anticipation of increased demand from hunters who have seen the coefficient buff. I have done this for various things found in the patch notes, although if there were lots of glyphs posted over 20g then I just left it alone. It's basically the opposite to what Gevlon preaches, but each to his own.

Here is MarketWatcher. I enter specific items to watch and it provides a graph. Graphs make me feel like an intellectual instead of a retard who plays videogames. Hence I use MarketWatcher. One worrying thing is that gold farmers have stopped dumping masses of herbs on the auction house, and the price has risen. I don't have much stock left, having used most of it in hopes that my PDP idea will work out. I haven't recently contacted any farmers directly either, who provide me with 10-13g stack of high end Northrend herbs.

Here is my stock as the server closes down. Already I have been undercut, but I assume the competitor is not as dedicated as I am, so I let my OCD go for once and log off. Tomorrow we shall see if the farmer reaps what he sows.

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