Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Video: Anub'arak

So we cleared ToGC10 last night, earning Tribute to Skill in the process. We were 5 tries off from Mad Skill. Through the tribute system we can see where our mistakes were in the amount of tries we took to finish it - NRB (1), Twin Val'kyr (4), Anub'arak (5). I like the tribute system since you get a feeling of progression each time you clear the instance, it lets most guilds experience the 'true' fight instead of sticking to the usual normal modes that you see in Ulduar. All in all, both systems are pretty good and work well in their enviroments.

Last night out of the haul I got a couple sweet items to add to my shadow set. Vestments of the Sleepless, taking up a potential set piece location, and the curiously named Heartcrusher. The latter looks odd, like a clockwork key with gears and a random lightbulb attached to the end. I have the intense urge to stick it into one of Mimiron's mechanical creations and use it for my own dastardly deeds.

I'm really happy with my recent videos. Anub'arak continues where my Twin Valkyr video left off, props to Pinkhair on #machinima who suggested a Kanye parody while I was halfway through rendering Anub'arak. The idea was too fantastic to save it for later. He also suggested using a voice actor but I guess he doesn't realise my turnover for boss kill movies, besides, the whole butchery of it all gives off a meme template to it which works well. I couldn't find Tirion's sound file when he congratulates the raid so I threw in a mix of ToC5 and Ulduar voices to make up for it, turns out it worked well.

I also made a NRB video which uses a Dissidia song, one that was used to promote the game in adverts. The song is great for an introduction to a raid, evoking a feeling only describable as GAR.

I only have Heroic Jaraxxus left to do, only ideas I have so far is a pimp intro for the unfortunate gnome who summons him and using Lord Malchezzar voices instead of his usual stuff.

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