Saturday, 26 September 2009

Dressing to Kill

First off, thanks to Turpster for tweeting one of my earlier posts. I appreciate it!

A certain Swedish guildmate of mine is playing Fallout 3. He was in a certain Oasis, killing a certain tree, when he noted to me that the skimpy clothes of the local folk were appealing with his boob mod. Those who have played FO3 will know you can kill NPCs and loot their clothes. If WoW had that sort of freedom, rather than relying on gathering up similar looking random greens, it would probably motivate me to farm mobs. And judging by Wowhead's comments for Whitemane, I think other people would be motivated too.

I haven't been playing much these past couple days, just logged on this morning to relist expired auctions; I've made about 900-1000g over my absence.

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