Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Learning to Be Communicative

If there was one thing I got out of Blizzcon, was that Blizzard were coming out of their shells and speaking to its fans a lot more. This proved true when they released details about how their company works at GDC Austin. So why are Blizzard taking a giant step backwards? Never mind, they posted an update to the situation, as hilarious as it may be:

The Brewfest quests ‘Pink Elekks On Parade’ and ‘Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!’ were removed to ensure that World of Warcraft contains content that complies with regional game rating requirement

First time I've heard of America being more liberal than Europe.

I guess in the theme of communication, shoutouts to the GMs and ex-GMs out there. I would love to be a GM at Blizzard, but of course I'm sorting my life out and getting a degree to show that I am serious before I even consider applying.

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