Tuesday, 29 September 2009

How I Profit From Morons & Slackers

Method 1. Simply search for greens above level 75 on the AH and buy any around 15g or under, then send them to my enchanter to disenchant. Then collect up the enchanting mats and sell when prices are high or when Tuesday night rolls along. Pretty much always nets a good profit but was only really effective when ToC5 came out and people did it for the easy purples. Nowadays its a bit of a rare find.

Method 2. Some people can't do maths. I profit from that. Note how fucked the herb prices still are without our gold farmers to mass list them.

Method 3. A new technique; joining Ulduar PUGS on my engineering druid just to dismantle Flame Leviathan and XT-002. One of the reasons I love having levelled engineering, aside from the amazing gadgets and trinkets, of course.

I've reached a gold equilibrium of around 45k at the moment. I haven't been creating new glyphs due to mailbox limit, herb prices and lack of motivation. However so far I have bought up four Tankard O'Terrors for around 770g each. Will probably start selling those once supply drops after Brewfest.

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  1. Thank you! Finally a blog Ill continue to read.. More economics posts are always welcome ;)