Thursday, 24 September 2009

About Investing

Whenever I spend money on things that aren't for personal use, I call it an investment. This helps make me feel less guilty spending 3k on something, since I know I'll make it back. Today I invested in two Tankard O' Terrors, 900g and 950g respectively. I predict I'll make 1.5k from them after Brewfest, and if I don't then hey - two new gimmick items for my Priest and Paladin.

Runescrolls of Fortitude haven't sold at all at 9g each, so I'm taking a new strategy and listing them for 5-6g each. I'm also alternating batches of five and singles, and I guess the M&S haven't found out about them so I guess I'll advertise in trade as well. I hope I get rid of them, I have lots of Snowfall Ink to use up.

Other deals of the day: 6g and under stacks of Frostweave; 10g stack of Saronite Ore; 13g Eternal Life. Our server's market is fucked at the moment, no Adder's Tongue nor Goldclover up at all, and the other herbs have some serious markup.

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