Monday, 28 September 2009

Runescroll of Brilliance

Some time during 3.2 PTR, Blizzard the new group buff consumables. Just before the release of 3.2, Runescroll of Brilliance was removed.

Ghostcrawler's justification at the time was flawed. Arcane Brilliance to be considered a secondary spell? On the same grounds as Spirit and Shadow Protection, of all things? Spirit being used as a stat for about 4/10 classes, of which only certain specs could make effective use of it. And Spirit Protection, well, Ghostcrawler can be a bit deluded at times. Intellect on the other hand is pretty much a universal caster stat, functioning as spellcrit and mana regen (with Replenishment). No one in their right mind would ignore it, so when a raid doesn't possess mages, we do end up very slightly handicapped.

However he has rejustified removing the scroll, stating that the GotW, Fort and Kings scrolls were to balance tank health. Fair enough, but he does also go on to say they are considering Heroism.

Although encounters won't be made or broken through the Runescroll of Brilliance, let's hope he remembers that it's not just another spell to be lumped with Shadow Protection, but that it is a very valuable primary stat. And instead of giving another consumable to scribes, it would be a nice addition to a tailor's repertoire.

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