Thursday, 1 October 2009

Going from Tank to Healer

The transition from tank to healer is not a smooth one, but thanks to patch 2.3, Blizzard has made the task of gearing up to be raid ready much easier. I had been picking up off-spec gear for my druid during Trial of the Champion farming sessions, so I had a decent enough head start. ToC5 in Normal and Heroic modes will fill out most of your slots provided you are willing to spend the time to farm the instance with friends and guildmates. The auction house will fill out the rest of the gaps, with crafted items such as Faces of Doom and Wispcloak which shouldn't break your budget too much. Regardless, I ambitiously joined an OS25 group sporting my badge T8 feral helm and chest.

Before my resto keys were even bound I found myself in front of Sartharion as a healer. Druid healing seems a lot more relaxed than priest healing, with Rejuvenation being main spell to toss liberally around on anyone not on full health. Regrowth is used for those suffering from a bit more sustained damage, with Nourish and Swiftmend being the fastest heals. For group healing Wild Growth is used, which works similar to Circle of Healing in that it targets people within range of the target.

All this I had to quickly work out reasonably quickly but I feel I did decently enough - no one seemed to question my healing, or even the fact I was wearing tank helm and robe, anyway! I enjoyed the experience, now to test myself in a five man situation..

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