Thursday, 8 October 2009

3.3 Priest Haste Dot Changes

Ghostcrawler announced earlier that Priests will be getting a new Shadow Word: Pain glyph in patch 3.3, which allows haste to affect the DoT component of the spell. The current SW:P glyph gets moved to Glyph of Mind Flay, whilst the existing MF glyph gets made baseline (about time!).

SW:P is about the 4th/5th most damaging spell in a fight overall, so I'm not completely convinced that it'll bring us up to scratch with other classes in a single mob scenario, but I like that Blizzard haven't forgotten about shadowpriests still. And it's not like we'll have to replace glyphs either.

I placed 8th overall in today's 25man Korallon with around 5.9k dps - including Wild Magic Potion during Heroism. Emalon I got 2nd solely due to being able to throw up a VT/SW:P on the extra add as I was keeping my rotation on him.


  1. I haven't played my shadow priest for so long, but I popped onto last night to see what people were saying about to T10 set bonuses because for some reason the bf thought they sounded a bit meh (strange man) aaanyway, stumbled upon a post full of shadow priests whining about losing raid spots because their DPS isn't good enough, and other classes do what they do utility-wise with a little more DPS and so on.. Nice to see not everybody has lost faith in the class :)

    //Jaedia - (comment thingy wouldn't let me post with the signature I like to use *cry*)

  2. Priests are a very strong, versatile class, capable of easily switching between healing and damage dealing roles. This is currently the role I am playing in my small ten man raiding guild, and usually I am the hybrid to switch to healing on more challenging fights. Others may be in guilds where it is easy to be scrutinized for low damage or are just passionate about their class.

    It is important to realise that balancing is no easy task and Blizzard are reluctant to massively boost the power of one class. Instead they are fixing the problems which have been plaguing the class rather than say, just tweaking the numbers. It is a good sign and the patterns of previous patches are pretty positive towards shadowpriests.