Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Will Jaina Get The Noose?

Came across a blog today, Empowered Fire. As the name suggests, it is a mage blog and it's two authors have some interesting topics on Magery and their Life in General. However one perked me up - entitled "Jaina Gets Her Groove Back". It's funny how the author (a self proclaimed feminist) describes the new Jaina model as looking like "a diplomat and very powerful mage without her ass hanging out", seeing how the latest model can be described as 'Anna Nicole Smith with Down's Syndrome'. And improved cleavage. Not that I'm complaining. About the latter. I myself believe new Jaina would've looked far better with the headstrong Cinematic Jaina's eyes.

With the latest patch we see Jaina and Sylvanas being heavily featured in the new dungeons, the deaths of the two heroines have been brought up and have made for some interesting discussion. After all, both have been already been changed as a result of Arthas' descent into the Lich King, so it would only serve to complete their story if they were to die off, right? Some believe Jaina's makeover heralds her immortality through Icecrown, although we have precedence for new models to come out only to stay unused, in the case of Kalecgos, one of the first unique human models. Although very much alive in the lore, the model and character remains unused after Sunwell and throughout Wrath, so he might as well be.

But do I think she is honestly under the threat of death? I don't think so. Take Cairne Bloodhoof, who is also rumoured to die. He already has a replacement NPC for his quests. And let's not forget Jaina's part in the whole Alliance vs. Horde saga that has been steadily unfolding. The sympathetic side of the Humans couldn't possibly lose their only representative. And Theramore their leader. Jaina also represents the Kirin Tor, although I'm not entirely sure if they will continue be involved in the upcoming Cataclysm storyline. They are barely involved in Icecrown as it is, Argent Dawn and Ebon Hold instead hold that ground. It will be sad if they go the way of the Shattered Sun, as they are one of the larger factions out there and have been involved in a lot of the lore. But one thing is for certain, Jaina's story does not end yet.


  1. Considering how she's not wearing anything remotely similar to Anna Nicole Smith, and looks pretty much like a powerful mage, I am not sure where my opinion on her model falls short.

    - The self-proclaimed feminist

  2. My comment was aimed at the irony of a feminist liking her look, when the heavy makeup and detailed revealing cleavage - similar to that of Anna Nicole Smith - so obviously panders to the male audience. You can hardly say that the artists of Blizzard redesigned her with a powerful mage in their minds.