Sunday, 6 December 2009

Oh so close..

The news sites have given their predictions - it's coming!

For those of us who have followed patch 3.3's development, we know all to well about the upcoming release of the Icecrown Citadel dungeons and raids that will come with it. You will also have heard of the Dungeon Finder and will know that it'll be an absolute godsend those of us levelling alts or trying to gear up for raiding. However there is a change that hasn't been quite touched on as much, but still is pretty important. Reputation!

For the reputations that deal with flying mounts and the head and shoulder enchants are all being "sped up by roughly 30%". Along with that, you can now trade in Emblems of Triumph for the 250 rep Commendation Badges - This comes as a result of the removal of the daily dungeons quests. As if that weren't enough, these enchants are now Bind-on-Account. It seems Blizzard is really pulling out all the stops so that people have no excuse to not be prepared for raiding with fully enchanted gear.

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