Friday, 11 December 2009

The Case for Cheaper Dual Specialisation

The new Dungeon Finder was as amazing as it was when I joined on the PTR, and the community as a whole has embraced the idea and there isn't a negative word to be heard anywhere. But where can we advance from this? If we're removing the stigma of finding groups, we can also remove stigmas that still affect the game, such as finding tanks and healers.

I start with dual specialisation; currently available at lvl 40 for 1000g. It's a goldsink for a game that lacks decent end game goldsinks, but with DF embracing the idea of alts levelling through dungeons we should offer more people to dual spec into hybrids. After all, the game lets you join groups as hybrid, so why do we still limit people into choosing to perform as tank/healer at their best at the cost of their soloing capability?

I realise it's not mandatory to be specced as such for low level classes of course, but in such cases it usually requires them to be knowledgable about the game to perform a job not tailored to their spec. At the very least it will prepare people to learn the spec early on so that by endgame we will see more confident tank and healers.

Patch 3.1 debuted dual specs, and it is so prevalent these days at endgame, it's strange that Blizzard hasn't introduced changes so more people can have it. 3.2 introduced cheap mounts - epic land mount and training for 60g, a drop in the water compared to the 1000g of vanilla. So these discounts aren't innovative nor game breaking. But it will encourage people to use it, and a game with hybrids being truly hybrid - even during levelling - is one we can all enjoy.

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