Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Catching Up

I've been a bit lazy these past couple months, but here's a brief update of how I fared since the release of 3.3:

- Levelled a warrior to 80 and did some casual raiding with Goon Squad. T10 warrior pieces look awesome on orcs.

- Racechanged priest to Draenei. They're cute and extra hit is kinda nice.

- Did new 5 man instances as soon as they came out, gotten Battered Hilt on first day of running and completed it subsequently. I also bought the Kirin Tor ring from scratch, which was a costly 9500 or so gold to upgrade to ilvl 251.

- Got Thaumaturge's Crackling Cowl and Muradin's Spyglass from ICC10.

- Bought T10.251 chest with my frost emblems. Can't wear it yet though, not until I get shoulders for the set bonus. Those pieces replace my spirit T9.245 pieces.

- Begun Loremaster on a whim. Northrend Loremaster I got shortly after 80, and just yesterday I got Outlands Loremaster. All thats left is Azeroth which will be a lot more painful without flying mount.

Still got much more things to do, finalize pieces of what I want from ICC10, make a video of ICC10, and the shadowpriest guide which will be abut doling out damage. In great quantity.

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